Ultrasonic Scaler for Pets

Wireless Ultrasonic Dental Scaler


Wireless Ultrasonic Dental Scaler 8W Tooth Calculus Remover Teeth Whitening Stains Tartar Scraper Portable High Frequency Vibration Dentist Tool


Product Name Digital Ultrasonic Scaler
Product Model PUS-T01
Product Size L200*W49*H32mm
Product Weight 125G
Packing Size L238*W106*H43mm
Material ABS
Battery Spec: 2000 mAh Lithium
Rated Power 8W
Adapter Voltage 5V
Ultrasonic Frequency 40khz ±2khz
Country of Origin China

Key Features
1.Minimalism and Portable, Rechargeable with charging base 5V input
2.Digital Control, Precise Frequency and Power assure working fast and effectively
3.One button operate, switch to high/low frequency(40Khz±2Khz) to find the best working point.
4.Safe and Reliable, over-voltage and over-current protection
5. DIY product, user can do it freely without pain.
6. CE/RoHS/FCC Certified, MSDS Reports Available

Detailed Characteristic 
1. Full digital frequency synthesizer, fine to 0.01KHZ frequency adjustment, 0.01A current adjustment resolution.
2. Automatic broadband frequency swing, automatically switch the width of the pendulum to eliminate standing waves, improve the ultrasonic energy distribution, eliminate the cleaning dead zone.
3. Built-in power tracking PID controller, full-time drive outputs stable power.
4. Breathing lamp charging display, LCD/Color screen can be customized.
5. A variety of circuit protection modules, including over current(10ns react), over voltage, under voltage, overheating etc. to ensure long-term reliable working.
6. Personalized products available, display/control button/housing/Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth etc. can be added for order based on target quantity.